There is no charge for an initial twenty to thirty-minute interview to talk about your goals and to see if I as a coach and the ICC methodology are a good fit for your needs.

An Integral Coaching session includes not just the time spent face-to-face with the client, but also many outside hours spent by the coach developing the program and appropriate practices for the client to engage in between sessions; the coach actually spends more hours on this aspect of attention to each client’s unique needs than in the face-to-face meetings.

The standard rates for coaches certified at the ICC Master level can range from $250 to $500 a session.  I am primarily motivated by facilitating positive change in people’s lives so charge on a sliding scale starting at $250 for the first two sessions (Intake and Offer conversations) and $100 a session thereafter.  I can also offer package rates. If someone has a vital need and lacks the means for my minimum rate, I will consider working out a rate they can afford.

Within the Paonia community, I will consider barter or trade of services or goods in exchange for my coaching.