John Friar – Integral Master Coach™

I have spent most of my life exploring human development and potential.  Starting at the age of twelve I became fascinated with the study of western psychology and philosophy.  I branched out to learning and involving myself with many of the eastern wisdom traditions starting at the age of seventeen.  Through my exposure, study and practice of these various disciplines I came to the conclusion that both the West and East had valuable contributions to the path of understanding who we are as beings and the why behind how we act and think.

Integral Coaching Canada teaches an embodied methodology that is informed by Ken Wilber’s Integral model, the latest in developmental psychology, and the founders’  years of experience in training and coaching. With ICC, I found a system that allows the coach to work with people and find solutions to the situations in life that most frustrates them and helps relieve their sufferings in a very tangible and lasting manner.

As an Integral Master Coach I have worked with people from their early twenties to their late sixties in vastly different life situations, including creatives wanting to move forward in their work, mental health therapists, executives wanting to address personal and/or job challenges and people suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, and they have all found that Integral Coaching™ has provided an effective transformative path that enabled substantive movement towards their goals and personal development in a matter of months, not years.  In every case, I have found that as my clients progressed towards their goals, they also saw positive ripple effects in others areas of their life.

I currently live in Paonia, CO and offer coaching in person, via Skype or by phone. Offering coaching by phone and Skype allows me to serve people throughout the world without lessening the impact of the Integral Coaching methodology.

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